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Brandon Kulosa and Anthony Miltz, the founders of Animal Trackers.

Animal Trackers is a full service residential and commercial wildlife management company. We are designed to meet the future demands of the nuisance wildlife industry, while solving the most common problems with our competitors, such as unskilled technicians, poor service and long call response time. Our services fall into three categories; trapping services, animal proofing, and bird proofing.

Many homeowners find their dream house isn’t so wonderful when shared with animals. These surprises can be easily avoided by performing regular animal inspections. Often the cost of the inspection and prevention more than compensates for the animal removal and repair that would need to be done after the animals moved in. Animal Trackers can also help consult on designing animal proof structures, or property that will be less attractive to wildlife.

Wildlife is really better left outside. They can cause thousands of dollars in repair/replacement bills, not to mention parasites, loss of property value, anxiety and loss of sleep.

° Squirrels and raccoons can carry parasites or diseases into your attic.

° Animals will commonly bring in trash or food, which can rot or smell.

° The simple act of getting into a house can ruin vents, create holes, and trample insulation.


Anthony Miltz removing a skunk from a window well.

Animal Trackers Wildlife Company

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